If you're ready to reimagine and rewrite the next chapter of your life, I invite you to join me
on a zero-cost, once-in-a-lifetime transformational journey.

Together, we'll design and create a life you love...beyond the empty nest.

Are you struggling to find purpose, meaning,
and joy in the empty nest years? 

You're not alone. As an empty nester, I felt stuck and disconnected, unsure of my purpose and direction. I couldn't imagine being excited about this next chapter of my life.

Being a parent was my identity, my purpose. 
I had always been goal-focused, but I found myself struggling to answer  "What now?" and "What's next?"  I worried that my best years were behind me, that it was all downhill from here.

If you can relate, please know your life is not over. Yes, your feelings are valid and real, but they're NOT your reality. They're NOT your future.

COMING SOON....Kim, Waves Learning 

YOU are the designer of your life.

It's time to take control of your new reality and create a life you love...beyond the empty nest.

The heart of our journey...

Beyond the Nest centers around weekly Collaborative Coaching and Connection sessions where we'll explore transformational questions through small group conversations.

These are NOT your typical Zoom calls, but engaging, interactive sessions where we'll learn with - and from - each other. You'll leave excited, energized and motivated, ready to take action to make the very most of the "grown and flown" years.
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To extend - and apply - what you discover during the weekly calls,
the Beyond the Empty Nest online ecosystem also includes:

Engaging Content and Resources

Stay motivated and engaged with mini-modules that go hand-in-hand with the weekly call. These just-in-time resources include:

  • Interactive videos
  • Exercises, checklists, quizzes, and reflection prompts
  • Planning, journaling, and scheduling pages


Research shows we're up to 500% more likely to complete a program when working in a small cohort.

To maximize your success, join our Accountability Circle, a great way to improve consistency and gain momentum through daily check-ins via our team app.

Where We're Headed...

Each week, you'll gain clarity around the BIG PICTURE
as you re-imagine your identity, purpose, and mission in this new season of your life.

But without action, planning is just daydreaming, so we'll also implement and consistently practice the BABY STEPS - the habits, systems, and routines - essential for meaningful transformation. 

Know Your Location

As we embark on our journey, you'll identify which areas of your life are cruising along...and where you're running on empty. We'll also explore your unique story, including the strengths, skills, and experiences you can leverage in this next chapter of your life.

Plan your Journey

One of  the most challenging aspects of the "grown and flown" years is that you may no longer have a clear vision of your future.  Together, we'll answer questions to help you decide where you're headed in this new journey: Who am I now? What do I want? What's next?

You'll plan a path forward for all facets of your life, including health, finances, relationships, career, and more. And because this is a collaborative program, you'll help plan the itinerary for our shared journey.

Get Launched

If you wait until the perfect time to start this journey, you'll be waiting forever. At Waves Journey, we believe in taking action, however imperfect, however messy. Through self-experimentation, prototyping, and "me-search," you'll discover the strategies that work best for you. We'll take it one day at a time, one wave at a time as we transform our lives with compassion and curiosity. 

Stay the Course

Using the latest research on neuroscience, behavior change, and transformation, we'll collaboratively create the habits, routines and systems to help us stay the course. 

But as sailors know, boats rarely sail in a straight line - they tack based on the the winds and conditions. Together, we'll  weather the inevitable storms, adjusting and course-correcting when needed.  And optional Accountability Circles will provide the consistency you need to reach your destination.


Zero-cost? Really?
What's the catch?

Yes! Free. Zero-cost. Nada. Zilch. There's really no catch. No sales funnel. No upselling.

Why? Although I've designed online courses for over 25 years, Waves Journey is a brand new initiative. So for this initial pilot, rather than monetizing the launch, I have four #ASKs:

Practice Patience

I ask for your patience and understanding. When things get a little bumpy, please take a deep breath and show grace as we navigate the inevitable rough patches. Together, we'll work through the inevitable technology and communication challenges of a new online program.

Provide feedback

In some ways, we'll be building the ship as we sail, and intentionally so.

I will be asking for your feedback pre-launch as we finalize the schedule and initial topics. Once the program begins, you'll  help chart the course as we plan our shared journey 

Play full out

It's easy to sign up for new programs - and then never actually participate. I am guilty of this myself. However, after test-driving the program in the Pre-Launch Orientation, I ask that you commit fully to the program. At a minimum, this means participating in most of the weekly calls.


As a member of our inaugural launch, I would like to share your successes with future participants so they can decide if the program is right for them.

I also hope you'll tell others about the program!


How long is the Beyond the Waves program? 

Our inaugural program is scheduled for three months, although my hope is we'll decide to extend our time together. After all, transforming your life is not a weekend jaunt, but an ongoing journey with new adventures and challenges along the way. 

When are the weekly Collaborative Coaching and Connection calls held? 

When you apply to the program, you'll be able to vote on the day and time that works best for you. We're tentatively planning a Tuesday evening call (ET), but we may adjust or add additional call(s) based on your feedback and interest. 

Pre-Launch Orientations begin in August with the formal launch of the program scheduled for September. In the meantime, you'll be invited to participate in fun weekly challenges and monthly one-on-one coaching sessions to help you prepare for the journey.

What if I can't attend the calls in-person? Will they be recorded?

The calls are engaging and interactive, so you'll want to attend in-person to make the most of the time together. If you're unable to make a call or two, no problem - you'll receive a re-cap of the call and video highlights. 

However, because we value confidentiality and privacy, we will never record small-group break-out rooms without permission.

How do I know if the program is right for me?

After applying to the program, you'll be invited to a small-group Pre-Launch Orientation to help you decide if the program is right for you. During the Orientation, you'll experience an introductory Collaborative Coaching and Connection session, become comfortable with the technology, and have an opportunity to ask questions!

What if I have more questions?

No worries! If you have other questions about the program and whether it's right for you, email me at or schedule a quick call

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